RSS Alarm


Here are all the brilliant bits that make RSS Alarm:

RSS Feeds

A feature so important, we put it in the name! This is RSS Alarm's defining feature. Wake up each morning to the latest news, set a reminder with your favourite blog, or have the football scores read out to you at full time. There's a whole world of information out there, and RSS Alarm is ready to bring it to you.

Importing RSS Feeds from Google Reader

Adding those feeds one-by-one can be tedious, we know. So to help speed things up a bit, you can import all your favourite feeds from Google Reader straight into RSS Alarm.

From the Feeds screen, just select MENU > Import then enter your Google account details. RSS Alarm will then automatically import all of your RSS Feeds. Once done, those feeds will be immediately available for your alarms.


screenshot 1

Step 1: Choose to Import

On the Feeds screen, press the menu button and select import.

screenshot 2

Step 2: Log in to Google Reader

Enter your Google Reader email address and Password.

screenshot 3

Step 3: Start the import

Click OK, and RSS Alarm will automatically import all your RSS feeds from Google Reader.

screenshot 4

Step 4: All done!

Your RSS Feeds will now be available for use by RSS Alarm.

Importing Podcasts

RSS Alarm will automatically search for podcasts on your first visit to the Feeds screen. Currently RSS Alarm will import any MP3 files found in your phone's /Podcasts directory and Google Listen's storage directory. All available podcasts will appear below the list of RSS Feeds.

Shake to Snooze

Early morning? Don't quite have the energy to open your eyes? Need more time in bed? Fear not. By giving your phone a shake the alarm will be postponed by 10 minutes, giving you the chance to get that last bit of sleep you need. And once that snooze period is over, RSS Alarm will pick up from where it left off.

Please note this feature is currently only available in the paid version.

We're Listening!

If you have an idea you'd really love to see in RSS Alarm, why not get in touch?